the  Cause

Hi, my name is Millie and I'm the Craft Nanny! They call me that because I put great care and love into crafting just like a babysitter or nanny. I am a grandmother and teacher's aide that crafts in her spare time. 


The only thing I love more than crafting is sharing them with people who can truly appreciate them. That is why I do not sell my handmade goods. Instead, I find great joy in making these items and gifting or donating them to children and people around the world. For example, I just sent 100 headbands and bows to youong girls in Ghana preparing for an annual coming of age celebration. I also send them to schools, churches and organizations locally. 

Crafting brings me great joy. If you are interested in receiving some of my creations, or would simple like to help donate $$ to fund a donation, you can email me at I am located in Queens, New York. 

I hope you enjoy my creation and it encourages you to pay it forward. 

With crafting love, 


the Craft Nanny

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